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Starting today, I’ve opened up an Ask Me Anything (AMA) section on this site. You can now ask me anything, and I’ll be posting answers to most questions on the AMA page for everyone to read.

I’ve been postponing this for a few months now, mostly because I didn’t want to host it anywhere other than on my site here. Most developers I know usually start an AMA over at Github, which is okay. But any answer to a question in an AMA is, in the end, content I’m creating for everyone to read. And such content should be hosted on my site, in my opinion. Plus, Github is limited to people who have a Github account, after all. And opening up multiple channels to accept questions from would eventually get too overwhelming, and I’ll find myself not answering as many questions as I’d like to answer in that case. So, I decided to host the AMA here on my site.

There is a dedicated page for the AMA, the link to which you can find in the footer below. There, I will be posting the questions along with their answers for everyone to find at all times.

I created a form to go with that page. So, to submit a question, simply fill in your name, email, and the question you’d like to ask, and hit Send.

Since I’m hosting my site on Netlify, I took advantage of Netlify’s form handling capability, which made setting the form up and getting it running a breeze. A couple of attributes added to the <form> on the page and I was already submitting and receiving questions on my Netlify dashboard. I also enabled the email Notifications option so I get an email notification for every AMA submission. I’m currently using Hypeform for the client-side form validation.

I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible. But not all answers will make it to the AMA page. Only answers that would benefit everyone else (and especially FAQs) will be posted there. There is no specific criteria to which types of questions I would answer — anything could go there. Questions that don’t make it there don’t necessarily go unanswered though — I will be answering some questions via email, as a response to the submission. The only questions I will probably not be answering are specific kinds of political and religious questions, as well as any questions I consider inappropriate or that go too much into my personal life which I like to keep, well, personal.

So, do you have a question for me? Hit me up!


Sara Soueidan