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I lead front-end development for companies and organizations, building resilient UI foundations for their online experiences. Learn more about the work I do or hire me.

I’ve worked on projects of different scales — from small micro-sites to larger government Web applications. Some of my favorite projects are covered under NDAs, but following are a few select projects that I have permission to share and write about.

Khan Academy

Creating an award-winning creative micro-site that doesn't compromise on standards, best practices, and accessibility

Khan Academy project screenshot. Read the case study

Smashing Magazine

Building a fresh new, modern, and fast foundation for the Smashing Magazine 10th anniversary redesign

Smashing Magazine project screenshot. Read the case study

Trusted By

  • Superfriendly
  • Herman Miller
  • Netflix
  • Khan Academy
  • Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
  • Smashing Magazine
  • codrops
  • prismic
  • COBI.Bike by Bosch
  • WebMD Health Services
  • Level Access
  • Sauper Associates Inc.
  • Sauper Associates Inc.

At Prismic, we wanted to set a high quality bar on different aspects including performance, responsiveness, accessibility and browser support. Sara was a perfect fit for that.

Sara delivers quality work. She is an exceptional human being and a great team player. She is very transparent and puts all her energy to deliver on time.

If you've just started talking to Sara, get to know her better. She's not just a superstar.

—Sadek Drobi CEO, Prismic

I’ve worked with a lot of people who are motivated and driven by things other than the work they’re doing. Lots of selfish, self centered, aggressive, corporate minded, ladder climbing, apathetic people. It’s refreshing to find another person who truly enjoys the art of the work and the value in team collaboration. It just makes for a better end product. You’re truly passionate about the web and the products you make for it and that’s pretty darn awesome.

—TJ Pitre Owner and Lead Web Designer, Southleft

When you work with Sara, you get her vast knowledge of coding best practices, accessibility expertise, and cutting edge approaches. But you also get someone who cares about the overall health and quality of the work from every angle: user experience, visual design, usability, and much more. Sara’s the real deal.

—Dan Mall Creative Director, SuperFriendly

Sara is a wonderfully creative, collaborative and gifted developer who excels at creating inclusive digital solutions. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with her on past projects and I’m going to find one way or another to work together again!

—Ryan Anderson VP of Digital Innovation, Herman Miller

“It’s rare to find someone who cares equally deeply about accessibility and cutting-edge code; thankfully, Sara’s able to marry the two in everything she does, and artfully so.”

—Ethan Marcotte Web designer and author of “Responsive Web Design”

Working with Sara has been a true pleasure. [She] was always open to our questions and addressed them very thoughtfully – often following up after reaching out to her contacts, other times gently and articulately explaining why what we have convinced ourselves to believe as a great idea was actually not so much. I love the way that our interactions felt like learning on both sides – Sara’s opinions on best practices have been carefully formed, yet she is always open to take a look from another perspective and reassess. We all look forward to working with her again.

—Deborah Sauper Technical Team Manager, Sauper Associates, Inc.

“Sara doesn’t come without a price tag. But it’s worth it. Up to date I have not worked with a freelancer so open-minded, innovative and not afraid to challenge client’s work as Sara. And best of all, its not just “talk”… but also “walk””.

—Sebastian Frommherz Formerly Project Manager, COBI.Bike

“[Sara] is an incredibly knowledgeable and diligent developer. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her.”

It was a pleasure and honor to work with Sara. Her deep knowledge in UX design, accessibility, and progressive enhancement augmented the project and fit the agile approach we took with it, and helped us improve the user experience of our app’s UI.

I also never had so much fun talking about SVG and learning how we can optimize and improve the quality of code from a designer’s perspective before. Thank you Sara for those four months!

—Paul Svoboda Formerly Lead Designer, COBI.Bike

“There is something magical when you work with somebody knowledgeable, passionate, smart and extremely reliable. When working with Sara, that’s exactly the feeling you get — Sara is very professional with a keen eye for detail, knowing how to work around pitfalls and working hard to get to the best possible solution every single time.”

—Vitaly Friedman Editor in Chief, Smashing Magazine

Sara won't just be able to tell you wether or not something is accessible, she will tell you how to actually make it accessible. She is a sea of knowledge when it comes to accessibility but she never drowns you in it but perfectly teaches you something new at every encounter. When it comes to accessibility, there's literally no one I would trust more than Sara.

—Anton Sten UX Designer