Leveling up with SVG at Netflix

I ran my very popular SVG workshop for the team of designers and engineers at the Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos.

Netflix HQ

In November 2017, I had the great pleasure and opportunity to run my full-day SVG workshop for a room full of UI and data visualization engineers at Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, California.

The workshop is by far one of my favorites. The whole team (a little less than 30 total) was infinitely curious — asking lots of questions (I love that) and actively participating in all activities and exercises throughout the whole day. It was a super productive day — I watched as new ideas & solutions sparked and were implemented on the spot in the Netflix UI during the workshop. ✨ I also loved all the “This is so cool!” whispers I heard throughout the entire day.

Full-house at the workshop.

I had a blast, and was thrilled when, at the end of the day, Elijah Meeks, my main contact and the person who kicked the whole in-house workshop off, let me know that the team found the workshop far more valuable than we had anticipated, and that they had a great time, just like I did.

If your company could benefit from this workshop or one of my other front-end workshops, please get in touch, and let’s make it happen. The workshop is perfect for teams — large or small — of designers and UI engineers and anyone who needs to work with or uses SVG in their work.

Love from the Netflix Team 💜

Having Sara give an all-day workshop was more valuable than I could have hoped. For someone like me, who has worked with SVG for years, Sara's deep understanding of the technology and how to apply it practically helped me to improve my practice and taught me new tricks. For other participants who weren't familiar or comfortable with SVG, Sara introduced key concepts and entertained every question about challenging implementation issues. This workshop is a smart choice for UI professionals, designers and data visualization developers, or anyone else who use or might use SVG in their work.

-Elijah Meeks, Senior Data Visualization Engineer, Netflix

Full-day SVG workshop with @SaraSoueidan was freaking awesome. If you ever get the chance, I can not recommend it highly enough — interesting content, good pacing, and some mind-bendingly cool examples. Thanks, Sara!

—Jacques Favreau, Senior UI Engineer on the Web Core Team, Netflix