Provat Health

A new digital space for a revolutionary health & wellness company

Provata Health is a revolutionary health & wellness company built by international award winning physicians & scientists specializing in health promotion & behavior change science. Provata health is revolutionizing workplace wellness by uniting their “Healthy Team Healthy U” program—the culmination of 25 years of clinical trials in health promotion and behavior change science with innovative digital technologies.

Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site homepage

In March 2015, Alex Goldberg, Provata Health CEO, got in touch with me regarding building a marketing Web site for his startup. At that time, Alex told me that he was already decided on hirig me for the project, so we scheduled a Skype call as soon as possible to discuss the details of it.

Right from the start, Alex, his team and I established a strong sense of direction as to what Provata wanted from the marketing Web site and what impression they wanted to give their users and any potential clients visiting their Web site for the first time. There was a strong emphasis on creating playful but not exaggerated animations, that reflected the uplifting spirit of the company and its positivity and goals.

Content First

The Web site needed to be finished as soon as possible, including providing a time frame for testing and Q&A. Provata’s content strategy team had already provided the content for the Web site, which drove the design, which eventually drove the development process. Starting content-first was one of the most important points of strength during the entire development process. We had real content to work with, which meant that the design catered for that content, not for some placeholder Lipsum text. I found this particularly great. Starting content-first is one of the most important steps in creating successful designs.

Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site Science page
Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site Platform page

Alex was my main contact during the entire development process. He kept direct tabs on every step of the development and design and gave direct feedback. I provided him with one or two weekly live testing sessions where he got to experience the live Web site during every phase.

All main project communications took place in a Slack channel dedicated to the Provata internal team. I was invited to that channel, and that’s where I discussed the design and requested any necessary design assets from their designers. Design assets were sent to me in the channel. We also had a shared Dropbox folder where we placed all the design assets as well as the source code I worked on.

The Web site included heavy usage of SVG images and animated illustrations. SVG was the perfect format for all of these, especially the inforgraphic in the Results page, because the text inside an SVG was embedded as real text, which makes it completely searchable, selectable and accessible.

Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site Results page

About a year after the initial launch, Alex got in touch again asking me to build the then new VR Health page. The company had introduced a fantastic new app accompanied by a VR kit that encourages and enables workers to improve their mental health and wellbeing, getting all the advantages of meditation and relaxation, all within their work premises and without needing to leave the office. This is revolutionary and extremely helpful for workers who are incapable of leaving office but are needing to improve their overall health at work.

Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site VR Health page

That wasn't the last time I worked with the Provata team. A little less than a year after launching their VR app and kit, I was hired by Alex once more to build the UI for an internal survey app that was to be used internally at the company. Screenshots of the app are not available since the app was not made to be public.

Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site Contact page
Screenshot of the Provata Health marketing web site Testimonials page

Alex Goldberg:

At Provata, we focus on creating dynamic, interactive, and engaging digital health experiences. So we wanted our marketing website to reflect that. Sara expertly incorporated SVG techniques to deliver a final product beyond our expectations. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and diligent developer. She captured the spirit of our company brilliantly. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her.