Schiphol Amsterdan Airport

SVG training at the Royal Schiphol Group in Amsterdam Airport

I ran popular SVG Workshop for the designers and developers at the Royal Schiphol Group to help the team make the most out of SVG in their projects.

The Schiphol Amsterdam Airport office building

In October 2017, I had the great opportunity of running my first in-house client workshop, at the Royal Schiphol Group in Amsterdam. The workshop took place at the Schiphol office next to the Airport. And it was great!

A few months earlier, Ischa Gast emailed me to inquire about my SVG workshop, and my availability to run one for the designers and front-end developers at Schiphol. Ischa had been looking to learn more about working with SVG and implementing it, and found my SVG workshop to be the perfect way to get up and running with that, so he requested it. And without hesitation, I agreed.

We arranged the workshop to be run at a day that worked for both our schedules. Schiphol covered my travel and accommodation costs in Amsterdam, set up a perfect little room for the workshop, and we were ready to roll.

Photo from the workshop

The worskhop was attended by 10 designers and developers—the perfect audience combination for the workshop. SVG is one of those front-end areas where designers and developers need to communicate a lot to get the best out of it, and being able to educate both teams on the topic together makes future communications and working together a lot easier for both of them.

The workshop was a blast, and it was exceptionally successful—one of my most successful workshops, dare I say. I *loved* seeing the enthusiasm and excitement from the attendees, and how curious and creative they got with the ideas and techniques I shared with them. It was a very productive day for all of us. And I couldn't be happier with the feedback I got.

If your company could benefit from a full-day SVG workshop, or a two-day frotn-end workshop, let me know—I’d love to make it happen.

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Love from the workshop attendees 💜

Everyone at the @Schiphol front-end team was glad you were there and we learned a lot. So if you need a SVG queen 👸🏻, just ask @SaraSoueidan. Success guaranteed 🎉

—Ischa Gast (attendee)

I had the best time! Thanks Sara. To anyone reading along, can highly recommend to invite Sara to do a workshop at your company

—Michael Hastrich (attendee)

Thanks for the awesome workshop! Would recommend it big time!

—Wesley van de Korput (attendee)

the #frontend #workshop was amazing! Thanks @SaraSoueidan and @Schiphol to give me the opportunity to learn so much! 🚀

—Mauro Mandracchia (attendee)