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Hi, I’m Sara.

I’m an independent inclusive design engineer, author, speaker, and trainer based in Lebanon. I love the Web platform and I want to make it better for everyone. And I consider myself to be completely blessed that I get to build it for a living.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences, and have been doing what I do since 2013, when I started my freelance career, as well as published my first ever blog post on this site!

I work with companies and agencies around the world, building Web user interfaces, design systems, and digital products with focus on responsive design, accessibility, performance, and cutting-edge tech. I’ve worked with teams at companies like SuperFriendly, Herman Miller, Khan Academy, Bosch, and more.

I also speak and run workshops across the globe, covering practical insights and tried and true practices for building scalable, resilient front-end foundations. Since 2014, I’ve presented and delivered Keynotes at dozens of events worldwide, and have led workshops at conferences, as well as in-house for companies like Netflix, Telus, and the Royal Schiphol Group at Amsterdam Airport.

I wrote the Codrops CSS Reference, and co-authored the Smashing Book 5 — a book that covers time-saving, practical techniques for crafting fast, maintainable and scalable responsive websites.

Awards and recognition

In 2015, I was voted Developer of the Year in the net awards, and shortlisted for the Outstanding Contribution of the Year award. I also won an O’Reilly Web Platform Award — an award that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated “exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the supporting Web ecosystem.”

net awards 2015 O’reilly

My work has been recognized by several large organizations, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and the W3C, among others. And my website has been awarded HTML5 Site Of The Month in the September 2013 issue of net magazine.

A collection of Sara’s speaking lanyards
Since 2014, I’ve given keynotes, talks, and workshops at more than 50 conferences across the globe. You can find a list of all my past speaking appearances on my speaking page.

Selected interviews

My work has been featured in both print and digital magazines worldwide. I’ve shared more details about how I started doing what I do, my background, my work process, and more, in interviews with some of them over the last few years.

A physical copy of net magazine on a desk, opened to featured interview with Sara.
Featured interview in the 2018 September issue of net magazine. (Photo by Daveyon Mayne)
Offscreen Magazine, Issue 20. Released August 2018.

An interview by “Into the Jungle” in Paris (2018).

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