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Hi, I’m Sara! I specialize in inclusive design implementation.

I work with companies and agencies around the world, building Web user interfaces and digital products with focus on responsive design, accessibility, performance, and cutting-edge tech.

Learn web accessibility with my Practical Accessibility course

Practical Accessibility is a self-paced, get-right-down-to-it video course designed to demystify web accessibility and equip you with the knowledge you need to create more accessible websites and web applications today.

The course is now open for enrollment!

A short introduction to the Practical Accessibility course
Working with Sara is a blast. Should you get the chance to work with her embrace it wholeheartedly. You are in for a treat, potentially a steep learning curve, a good time, and excellent results. Hopefully the chance to work with Sara will come up again in the future. In the meantime try to win her for your project before someone else does. Or join her course and experience what passion about accessibility and proper front-end development feels like.
— Jan Persiel, UI/UX designer

Selected clients

I lead front-end development and train teams in-house at companies large and small. Here is a selected list of clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Insights into my work

Many of the projects I’ve worked on have been under NDA. While I can’t share specific details about many of them, I do share insights into the work that went into them in the form of macro case studies.

You can get insights into the kind of work I do, the principles that guide it, and strategies that I use by exploring the writeups on my blog. There you will find project case studies, tutorials, and articles on all things front-end design engineering.

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