Interview: net Magazine September 2018 Issue #310

The September 2018 issue of net Magazine came out today, featuring a six-page interview with yours truly, discussing all things front-end development and UX ahead of my upcoming workshop at Generate Conference in London.

Screenshot of the netmag interview
The interview features photos taken by me, in and outside of my home office.

This isn’t my first interview feature in net magazine. My first feature was in 2015, a short while after I was awarded the Developer of the Year award in the 2015 net awards. But this interview is different, and I prefer it over the previous one for a a couple of reasons:

  1. The previous interview didn’t focus much on my work as a front-end developer, even though I would have liked it to. This interview, on the other hand, is all about my work at the intersection of front-end development and UX. I enjoyed talking about what I do, including ways I stay productive and healthy during my work.

  2. This interview features photos that I took myself, as opposed to having a professional photographer take them. With the exception of a photo of me speaking at CSS Day last June — which was taken by Drew McLellan — all the photos were taken by me, using my camera, with the help of my faithful tripod and remote control combination. It was fun doing these self portrait photoshoots over the last few months.

Screenshots from the netmag interview

The issue is now out, and you can buy a physical copy of the magazine or a digital copy if you use the net magazine mobile app.


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