Inspiration is perishable; Act on it immediately.

This has been one of the most influential words I’ve read. So influential that I have it as a wallpaper on my computer as we speak, and a on my phone as well.

Once that lightbulb turns off, it’s off. I can’t turn it back on demand.

Sometimes the inspiration comes in the middle of work.

When my brain needs a break from a task at hand, it tends to quickly switch to another one that’s more on the creative side.

I could be working on a project and when my brain needs some time to buffer and process information or to just stop… for a while,

I could be working on a project and suddenly out of nowhere in the middle of a one-minute break I’ll get the inspiration for a task from another project.

Switching between projects when the inspiration hits helps my brain take a break. I am literally writing this sentence in the middle of working on a chapter of my Practical Accessibility course right now. This means that I quite often work on more than one project in parallel.

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