White balance, key lights, and Youtube

Today, I am grateful for Youtube, and for all the people generously sharing solutions to common frustrations we may share on any given day.

Lights, Camera

I’m currently re-setting up my audio and video recording setup on my desk. I noticed that the lighting is off in my videos and my skin looks all weird and pale, and the colors of my studio look unnatural.

I tried everything in the past couple of days—from moving lights around, to changing the angle of the key light, tweaking its temperature, setting background lights, tweaking their colors, and so on and so forth. Nothing changed.

White balance

Today I learned from a video I came across on Youtube that the White Balance on the camera should match the temperature of the key light.

White-balancing the camera to match your key light ensures that your skin looks more natural.

So I set my camera’s White Balance to 5500K, which is the temperature of my key light.

Now it finally looks right! My skin looks natural, and I don’t look sick on camera anymore. 😃

So, if you, too, feel like you look sick on video, try white-balancing your camera to match your key light. If that doesn’t fix it, you may try one of the other helpful tips mentioned in the video.

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